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The Big Switch

The Carbon behind Cargo: Big Ships

When one of the biggest ships in the world got stuck in the Suez Canal, it threw a giant wrench into international supply chains. It exacerbated shortages of everything from semiconductors to snuggies

Journalist Maria Gallucci explains how this overlooked sector plays an essential part in supplying – and decarbonizing – the global economy. 

Lawyer and economist Aiofe O’Leary covers our decarbonization tools, including new fuels, slow steaming and kites, plus the regulations to get us there. And don’t forget the memes!

Guests: Aiofe O’Leary is the CEO of Opportunity Green. Maria Gallucci is a clean energy reporter at Canary Media and contributes to Grist and IEEE Spectrum

The Big Switch is produced by Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy in partnership with Post Script Media. This episode was produced by Alexandria Herr and Daniel Woldorff. Theme music and mixing by Sean Marquand. A special thanks to Natalie Volk, Kirsten Smith and Kyu Lee. Our executive editor was Stephen Lacey. 

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