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Women in Energy

Building a more inclusive energy sector


The Center on Global Energy Policy’s Women in Energy (WIE) initiative envisions a world where there is equal gender representation at every level within the energy sector.  


Our mission is to elevate women and enhance inclusion within the energy workforce by developing and sharing research, expanding entry into the sector, and supporting professionals. 

WIE seeks to have impact by:

1. Developing and Sharing Research

WIE will conduct, publish, and share research on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the energy workforce to better inform industry leaders, improve energy workplaces, and bring more women into the sector.

2. Expanding Entry Into the Energy Workforce

WIE will increase the knowledge and access of graduates from Columbia University and nearby universities and colleges to position more diverse and skilled candidates to enter the energy workforce.

3. Supporting Professionals

WIE will build and share resources to enable professional women in the workforce to tackle the energy transition and advance their careers.


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