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India Program

Informing the global community of India’s energy priorities and policy choices


The India Program at the Center on Global Energy Policy supports India’s energy transition through collaborative research within the University, as well as with Indian think tanks and academics working on energy and environment issues.  

Research Themes

Two issues that have motivated a slew of transformative policies and actions in India over the past decade are eliminating energy poverty and decarbonization of the fossil fuel-dominated energy mix. 

Understanding these two challenges and prospects for success can increase the effectiveness of policymakers and other actors in their actions, as also help inform the broader global community of India’s energy priorities and policy choices.

The latter is necessary to understand whether national and local energy sector priorities in India align with the global direction needed to achieve an efficient transition to a low-carbon world, and what that implies for an equitable energy consumption basket and global carbon budget.

Program Activities

The program is anchored around the semi-annual Columbia-India Energy Dialogue. The New York edition focuses on the Energy in India report summarizing the current state of play in the country and its likely trajectory, helping inform the global community of energy sector developments and priorities in India. 

The New Delhi edition would deploy the substantial expertise from the Center and the University to assist India in meeting its energy priorities by presenting actionable policy proposals on a new theme every year.

Apart from the two flagship reports anchored around the Columbia India Energy Dialogue, the Center would continue to publish reports, academic papers, blog posts, factsheets, and podcasts on relevant energy policy issues in India.

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