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To be a global leader in advancing evidence-based and actionable energy and climate solutions through research, dialogue, and education.

Trusted Source of Energy & Climate Research

Finding the latest, data-based research and analysis can be a struggle for many policy makers.
When a sector as important as energy is at stake, we set up CGEP to change the way the world can access trusted, unbiased knowledge.

To ensure we provide a consistently wide breadth of information, we’ve brought together many of the world’s most respected energy experts. We’re regularly called upon to provide policy makers and global business leaders with the insight they need to make change.

Convening Expert Voices

Conversations around energy and climate are becoming more urgent, yet more polarized. We need global, multidisciplinary, cross-sector dialogue to share ideas, create solutions, and foster cooperation.

Energy policy solutions informed by rigorous research and dialogue are crucial to addressing climate change, increasing access to energy, and sparking innovation for a thriving global energy economy.

Based in the world’s financial capital, New York City, we connect policy makers, business and civil society leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and journalists. Our global forum provides insight to decision makers tasked with solving the world’s energy challenges.

Real-Time Response to Real-World Challenges

The energy and climate sector is evolving all the time and policy makers need up-to-date studies to accurately and efficiently respond.

We also know time is short and not everyone can digest hundreds of pages of reports at every juncture. We produce best-in-class, honest, original academic research delivered in formats and timeframes that are accessible and useful outside of academia. Based at one of the top research universities, we deliver clear, cutting-edge analysis and recommendations.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Before we can solve the energy and climate challenges of today, we need development in policy, technology, and finance. To unlock these advances, we need new policies informed by high-caliber research and diverse and innovative energy leaders.

We’re training tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders, and communicators. Our exclusive programs including Women in Energy and the Energy Journalism Initiative provide education, career and mentorship opportunities to the next generation of energy and climate leaders.

What Makes Our Research Special?

The Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) is committed to independent and nonpartisan research that meets the high standards of academic integrity and quality at Columbia University.

We were founded on the principle that no outside organization or individual will influence the work of our scholars in a way that determines policy recommendations or outcomes.

Our scholars carry out their research by following facts and evidence wherever they lead, independently and free from any influence or control by funders or other interest groups.