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Our book series offers in-depth understanding of energy and environment issues affecting our world today.

The Columbia carbon accounting project will track and value climate innovation in the built world.

Columbia University Launches the World’s First ‘Carbon Dioxide Removal Law’ Database

A new online resource provides the most comprehensive information to date on legal issues related to carbon dioxide removal, utilization, storage, and transportation.

https://www.etrans.or.kr/news/06.php?admin_mode=read&no=3760&make=&search=&page=1&prd_cate=Energizing America offers policymakers a strategic framework to triple federal funding for clean energy innovation in 5 years—to $25 billion by 2025—and a detailed plan for achieving this goal.

Industry Leaders Explore Low-Carbon Energy Markets through University Initiative


Climate change is a public health issue. The 2020 Report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change published in The Lancet medical journal brings together experts from across the globe to track how climate change is affecting our health, including Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy Dr. Melissa C. Lott who examines the impacts of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector.

The Charif Souki Global Energy Fellows Program is a year-long program designed to challenge students to think critically on relevant energy-related issues.


The Energy Opportunity Lab will work with communities around the world and in the US to improve opportunities for sustainable energy inclusion, innovation, and growth, while supporting progress toward...