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Climate Change

Statement on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Announcement that China will Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2060

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Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the UN today that China will achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy Inaugural Fellow David Sandalow released the following statement in response to the announcement: 

This announcement is an important step toward the world meeting the goals in the Paris Agreement. The Chinese government has a capacity for long-term planning far beyond that of most governments. It’s working on its 14th Five-Year Plan and already has a 2049 goal (which includes being a ‘prosperous’ and ‘culturally advanced’ society). If this important announcement is matched by ambitious steps to cut emissions in the short-term, it could make a significant difference in the fight against climate change.

David Sandalow leads the China Energy and Climate Program at CGEP,  which promotes low-carbon development in China and around the world, informs stakeholders about Chinese energy and climate policies, and promotes cooperation between China and the U.S. on energy and climate issues. He is the author of The Guide to Chinese Climate Policy, which explores the impacts of climate change in China, and the effectiveness of policies designed to address climate change. 

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