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Elizabeth Press
International Renewable Energy Agency

The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen seems – at least in theory – to be a good source of energy. But because of the high costs and other barriers associated with hydrogen power, the real story is...

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Nuclear Waste Policy Actions for the 117th Congress and Biden Administration

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In the 117th Congress, the United States Senate is evenly divided, 50-50, between the two major political...

US-China Energy Relations: A Snapshot | Q&A with Dr. Erica Downs, Dr. Shangyou Nie and David Sandalow
Dr. Erica Downs, David Sandalow and Dr. Shangyou Nie

In this piece, the Center on Global Energy Policy’s Erica Downs, Shangyou Nie and David Sandalow discuss several recent developments in the US-China energy relationship.