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Columbia Energy Exchange

Women, Energy, and Economic Empowerment

The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a discussion on theinterplay of gender, energy, and sustainable development. Followingintroductory remarks by David Sandalow, Inagural Fellow at theCenter on Global Energy Policy, Rachel Kyte, CEOand Special Representative of the UN Secretary General forSustainable Energy for All, delivered the keynote speech.There was a panel conversation on this topic moderatedby Cheryl Wilson, Energy Policy Analyst atBloomberg Intelligence featuring:

  • Richenda Van Leeuwen, Executive Director,UN Foundation, Energy and Climate, Energy AccessInitiative
  • Kathleen O’’Dell, Senior Manager,Deloitte Consulting
  • Dr. Ellen Morris, Professor at ColumbiaUniversity School of International and Public Affairs; Presidentand Founder of Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Dr. Minoru Takada, Representative andDirector, Sustainable Energy for All initiative New York office,Executive Office of the Secretary-General
  • Dr. Kate Steel, Energy Sector Team Lead, USAIDPower Africa

This event originally took place on April 19, 2016.

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