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Sanctions and the Economic Consequences of Higher Oil Prices

In a new commentary, senior research scholar Christof Rühl unpacks what room there is for the anti-war alliance to scale down the consumption of Russian oil without triggering an adverse economic reaction.

Replacing Russian Gas Supplies in Europe: How Can Alternative Suppliers Help in 2022?

In this piece, Anne-Sophie Corbeau, a global research scholar with the Center on Global Energy Policy, answers questions about the EU’s plans to replace Russian gas with supply from alternative sources.


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Dr. Harry Verhoeven

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sent oil and natural gas markets for a loop. 

But less attention has been paid to the implications of the war for global energy and...

Abigail Wulf
Vice President and Director of Critical Minerals Strategy at SAFE

Russia’s oil and natural gas commodities get a lot of attention, but the country’s critical metals and minerals supplies – which include steel, titanium, nickel, cobalt and lithium – are also cause for concern. ...

Dr. Ernest Moniz
Energy Futures Initiative

An increased demand for energy following COVID-19 lockdowns created a severe energy supply crunch in Europe this winter. And now, decisions from corporate executives and government leaders to reduce or outright ban...