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Comparing Government Financing of Reactor Exports: Considerations for US Policy Makers
Dr. Matt Bowen and Alec Apostoaei

This report represents the research and views of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Center on Global Energy Policy. The piece may be subject to further revision. Contributions to SIPA for...

Sanctions and the Economic Consequences of Higher Oil Prices

In a new commentary, senior research scholar Christof Rühl unpacks what room there is for the anti-war alliance to scale down the consumption of Russian oil without triggering an adverse economic reaction.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Manuela V. Ferro
Regional Vice President for East Asia and Pacific at the World Bank

Covid and the Russian war in Ukraine have slowed economic development in East Asia and the Pacific. High global commodity prices are stressing countries heavily dependent on energy and food imports. ...

Dr. Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, S&P Global

Winter is coming. The energy crisis that is afflicting Europe and other parts of the world is worsening as Russia weaponizes natural gas.

After Putin turned off supply...

Jason Bordoff and Meghan O'Sullivan

In 2020, Europe passed a landmark climate package called the Green Deal. It was supposed to mark a new era of climate progress for the region.

Few expected that two...