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The Colonial Pipeline Crisis Is a Taste of Things to Come

In a new essay in Foreign Policy, Jason Bordoff examines the causes of last week's fuel shortages along the Eastern Seaboard and lessons that the federal government and private sector should take from the crisis to bolster the United States’ security of critical energy infrastructure and its resilience to inevitable disruptions from the rising risks of both cyberattack and severe weather. 

Energy's Digital Future

Amy Myers Jaffe provides an expert look at the promises and challenges of the future of energy, highlighting what the United States needs to do to maintain its global influence in a post-oil era.

Doha skyline

Richard Nephew evaluates the sanctions put in place against Qatar by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, and Bahrain.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Bob McNally & Adam Segal
Non-Resident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy & Director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy program at the Council on Foreign Relations

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Bob McNally and Adam Segal, leading experts on energy and cybersecurity, respectively, to examine what happened with the Colonial Pipeline system and what lessons should be drawn about the vulnerability and resilience of critical energy infrastructure. 

Daniel Yergin
Author, The New Map

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Dr. Dan Yergin, Author of "The New Map."

The global oil market is in free fall, following the collapse of a meeting last week of OPEC and non-OPEC producers. Saudi Arabia decided to surge its output, sending oil prices tumbling. This historic oil price crash is weighing on stock markets...