Carbon Tax Initiative

CGEP has launched an initiative to explore key questions and implications related to the design and implementation of a carbon tax in the United States.

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What Success or Failure Would Look Like for the Price Cap on Russian Oil

A price cap on Russian crude oil in response to the country’s invasion and ongoing war in Ukraine will go into effect on December 5. The price cap is an effort to reduce Russia’s oil revenues while maintaining adequate supplies of crude on...

In this Q&A, the Center on Global Energy Policy’s Kaushik Deb, senior research scholar, and Abhiram Rajendran, senior adjunct research scholar, discuss the impact of this latest OPEC+ announcement on the oil markets, economy, and geopolitical relations.

Electrification on the Path to Net Zero: A Comparison of Studies Examining Opportunities and Barriers in the United States
Dr. Harrison Fell, Dr. James Glynn, Dr. Melissa C. Lott, Dr. Joshua Rhodes, Dr. Margaret Cook and Dr. F. Todd Davidson

Rallying cries to “electrify everything” have captured the focus of many headlines and policy forums in recent years. However, there are important questions that remain unanswered about the electrify everything movement, including the technical, social, and political feasibility of the approach, as well as the affordability and equitability of implementation.


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Laura Cozzi
Chief Energy Modeler, IEA

War. Inflation. Supply shortfalls. The global energy system looks much different than a year ago, thanks to a confluence of disruptive forces for oil and natural gas. Ever-cheaper renewables, electric cars, and...

Wally Adeyemo
US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury

In the months since Russia invaded Ukraine, world leaders have struggled to implement a global response that punishes Russia for its aggression, while simultaneously minimizing the war’s impact on energy prices. In...

Frans Timmermans
Executive Vice President of the European Commission for the European Green Deal

Europe is in the throes of a severe energy crisis, with oil, gas, electricity, and coal prices skyrocketing this year. As the continent braces for winter, its leaders face difficult questions about whether or not...