Climate change is one of the central challenges of the 21st century. Building and linking the policies, technologies, financial systems and markets needed to achieve climate goals is key to addressing this challenge. Learn more about what we're doing to tackle the climate crisis.

Jason Bordoff, Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy, discusses the climate crisis and the growing movement for a Green New Deal.

Key Initiatives

  • Carbon Tax Research Initiative: The Carbon Tax Research Initiative explores key questions and implications related to the design and implementation of a carbon tax in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the threat of climate change.
  • Carbon Management Research Initiative: The Carbon Management Research Initiative explores the public policy, financial and economic aspects of removing, storing and using carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse gases and address the threat of climate change.
  • China Energy and Climate Research Program: The China Energy and Climate program promotes low-carbon development in China and around the world, informs stakeholders about Chinese energy and climate policies, and promotes cooperation between China and the US on energy and climate issues.
  • Energy Policy Tracker: Are we building back better? Every Wednesday, our experts provide new analysis of public finance for fossil fuels and clean energy. Search by country or compare data to find out how governments are planning to rebuild the global energy system.

Essential Reading

  • The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change: In The Lancet, CGEP Senior Research Scholar Dr. Melissa C. Lott explores the health impacts of energy pollution, and how climate change is undermining the foundations of good health.
  • Energy Transition Fact Sheet: The world has embarked on an unprecedented effort to completely transition its energy supply and use to mitigate risks of global climate change. A new fact sheet outlines the challenges and opportunities in the global energy transition.
  • The Role of Natural Gas in the Energy Transition: CGEP Non-Resident Fellow Akos Losz and Senior Research Scholar Jonathan Elkind discuss industry outlooks for natural gas and LNG demand, and question marks surrounding the role of gas in deep decarbonization scenarios consistent with the Paris Agreement’s climate goals. 
  • Guide to Chinese Climate Policy: The Guide to Chinese Climate Policy explores the impacts of climate change in China, and the effectiveness of policies designed to address climate change.
  • Engaging State-Owned Enterprises in Climate Action: CGEP Adjunct Research Scholar Philippe Benoit explores the role of state-owned enterprises in climate change, examines the effectiveness of market-oriented solutions such as carbon taxes in changing SOE behavior, and evaluates some other potential strategies for reducing their emissions.

Featured Research

Building an Energy and Climate Coalition with Latin America and the Caribbean: An Agenda for the Biden Administration

In a new commentary, Dr. Mauricio Cárdenas and Laurie Fitzmaurice examine how the United States could utilize the tools of technology and financing focused on energy and climate to put LAC on a path toward sustained economic growth and social progress.

It's time for investors to take a lead on climate policy

In a new op-ed for the World Economic Forum, Erin M. Blanton and Ben N. Ratner argue that as public and corporate concern about the climate grows and as expectations for financial players escalate, it’s time for the C-Suite to integrate climate into their firms’ public policy advocacy.

The Colonial Pipeline Crisis Is a Taste of Things to Come

In a new essay in Foreign Policy, Jason Bordoff examines the causes of last week's fuel shortages along the Eastern Seaboard and lessons that the federal government and private sector should take from the crisis to bolster the United States’ security of critical energy infrastructure and its resilience to inevitable disruptions from the rising risks of both cyberattack and severe weather. 


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