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How Europe's proposed oil ban impacts refined product markets, specifically diesel, and why Latin America in particular is positioned to lose out. 

Implications of the Russian War in Ukraine on Latin America’s Energy Sector

A conversation among Senior Research Scholars Dr. Mauricio Cardenas and Dr. Luisa Palacios, and Distinguished Visiting Fellow Juan Carlos Jobet, about the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on Latin America’s energy sector.


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Mark Hibbs

Europe is at a crossroads over nuclear power. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed Europe to reconsider its energy mix.  Migrating away from Russian supply chains...

Kadri Simson

Despite some setbacks, Europe is considering a ban on Russian oil, a major step toward energy independence from Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s demand that buyers pay for its natural gas in rubles has put European...

Javier Blas

A rocky pandemic recovery, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and increasing social and consumer pressure to move away from Russian commodities have led to a spike in  oil, natural gas, and even coal prices.  ...