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Ann-Kathrin Merz


Ann-Kathrin Merz researches current energy issues and the future of the hydrogen economy as a member of the Carbon Management Research Initiative at the Center for Global Energy Policy. Within the hydrogen economy, she has developed expertise on ammonia through her work for a green ammonia startup and for the Japanese government in drafting parts of the ICEF Low-Carbon Ammonia Roadmap.

Previously, Ann-Kathrin worked on transatlantic climate diplomacy in the European Parliament’s diplomatic office in Washington D.C., as well as on hydrogen and sustainability at the Boston Consulting Group in Berlin, Germany. Her policy background was further enriched by experiences at the German Foreign Ministry, the Council on Foreign Relations, and in carrying out international, interview-based research for the Circumnavigator Foundation.

At Georgetown University, Ann-Kathrin studied the politics of international energy and environmental issue. Now at Columbia University, she brings an interdisciplinary lens to the political, technical, and financial dimensions of the energy transition.

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