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Geopolitics of Energy


Sir John Scarlett

Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6

Ever since the industrial revolution, energy has been fundamental to national security, geopolitics, and positions of power in the world. Today is no exception. Russian adventurism in Ukraine; the fight against ISIS and the conflict in Syria; changing dynamics in the Middle East; the COP21 climate agreement—these and many more examples show the complexity in the nexus between geopolitics, energy and global financial markets. On this episode of Columbia Energy Exchange, host Jason Bordoff discusses the geopolitics of energy with Sir John Scarlett, Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).  Their conversation can be found here. Among the topics discussed:
  1. What is president Vladimir Putin trying to achieve with his foreign policy agenda? Does Russia use natural gas as a weapon?
  2. How might the economic reform underway in Saudi Arabia unfold? What opportunities and risks does it present to energy markets?
  3. What does the future hold for the Middle East given ISIS actions, the return of Iran to the global market, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and instability in Iraq? What security concerns has the collapse in oil prices brought about to producing and importing countries?
  4. From a security and geopolitical perspective, how will the Paris climate agreement shift key risk considerations, if at all?
  5. What are the most significant implications of a potential Brexit?
  6. And many more.

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