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The Big Switch

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The Impact of the Energy Crisis on Europe’s Net-Zero Transition

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it triggered an immediate humanitarian crisis. But Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decisions also triggered an energy crisis that shook Europe’s economies and put their energy transition plans to the test.

Join host Dr. Melissa Lott, CGEP Director of Research, as we take a deep dive into the European energy crisis and explore the history, politics, and energy systems of Germany and Poland. In this season, we’ll examine whether Germany’s and Poland’s short-term efforts to solve the energy crisis conflict with their long-term goals of tackling the climate crisis.

One year into the war, we explore the history of how the EU became so dependent on Russian oil and gas. And will the conflict in Ukraine accelerate or slow down Europe’s push toward green energy? Find out in Season 3 of The Big Switch.

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