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Jonathan Pershing

United States Special Envoy for Climate Change

Host David Sandalow speaks with Jonathan Pershing, the United States Special Envoy for Climate Change, about the future of climate diplomacy and different climate objectives around the world. Prior to his current role, Jonathan served as Senior Climate Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy and the Principal Deputy Director of the Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis at the Department of Energy. He has also worked as lead negotiator representing the United States at meetings of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, as the Director of the Climate, Energy and Pollution Program at the World Resources Institute, and as the Head of the Environment Division at the International Energy Agency in Paris. David and Jonathan discuss: how climate diplomacy has changed over time; the Trump Administration and what his cabinet picks mean for the future of climate and the environment; the future of the Paris Agreement; and climate change issues around the world including the U.S., China, India and Indonesia and African nations.

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