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Climate Change

Announcing the Leadership of Columbia University’s New Climate School

Dear Friends of CGEP:

We’re thrilled to share that today Columbia University President Lee Bollinger announced the appointment of Jason Bordoff as a Co-Founding Dean of the Columbia Climate School, a role he will hold while continuing to serve as Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy and Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs at Columbia SIPA. 



Climate change is among the most important crises humanity is facing today. Recognizing the breadth and severity of climate change’s myriad impacts, President Bollinger recently announced the creation of the Columbia University Climate School, the first new school in 25 years at the university. As a friend of CGEP, you know how deeply energy shapes the global economy and fosters rising prosperity while at the same time contributing three-quarters of global carbon emissions. As such, energy policy solutions informed by rigorous research and dialogue are key to addressing not only the urgent threat of climate change, but the challenge of increasing access to energy to end poverty and create economic opportunity around the world.

That’s why, since its establishment, CGEP has worked to engage with diverse stakeholders to develop policy tools and inclusive, actionable solutions to address our most pressing energy and climate challenges. We’ve worked to bridge the gap between academia and policy through research, dialogue, and education, and have developed innovative new tools and programs to train the next generation of leaders and deliver research insights in formats and timeframes that are accessible and useful to decision-makers outside of academia.

Going forward, the Center on Global Energy Policy will redouble its efforts across the broad range of energy and climate change challenges that deeply impact the environment, global economy, geopolitics, equity and justice imperatives, and more. In partnership with the Climate School, CGEP will continue to serve as a model for how to apply academic knowledge to real-world solutions and impact. 

I am honored President Bollinger has asked me to help create the new Columbia Climate School, the first of its kind in the nation. The scale of the climate challenge requires bold new thinking, and the school is a unique opportunity to build on the work we’ve always done at the Center to deliver policy solutions in formats and timeframes useful to leaders in the public and private sector, connect decision-makers around the world, and train tomorrow’s leaders. Energy policy solutions are key to addressing climate change and needed now more than ever if we are going to meet the growing need for energy in the world while addressing the urgency of the climate crisis.”

Jason Bordoff, Co-Founding Dean, Columbia Climate School, Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy and Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs at Columbia SIPA

Please join us in congratulating Jason as he takes on this exciting and important new leadership role.

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