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U.S. Energy Policy After the Elections: Part 2


Byron Dorgan

Former Senator

The 2016 elections come at a transformative time for energy and the environment, with major decisions faced by the next president and Congress having far-reaching implications for the world. In the second episode of a two part series on the elections and what they mean for energy and environment policy, host Bill Loveless sits down with former Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan who spent 30 years in the U.S. House and Senate representing North Dakota. During their talk, Bill and Byron discussed: Priority energy and environmental issues facing the new president and Congress; Prospects for changes in Congress that will make it possible to reach bipartisan agreement on energy and environmental legislation; The inherent conflicts between the need to curb emissions and to promote development of oil and natural gas resources in the U.S.; Differences between a Clinton and Trump presidency when it comes to energy and the environment; Who to look to for leadership in Congress on energy issues.

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