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Columbia Energy Exchange

The Outlook for U.S. Shale


Rusty Braziel

President of RBN Energy

The changes in U.S. oil and natural gas markets over the past 10 years have been among the most dramatic in the energy world. The development of technologies that have allowed U.S. companies to produce oil and gas directly from source rocks transformed the energy narrative of the U.S. from a major importer to, increasingly, an energy exporter. Along the way the shale boom provided a boost to the domestic economy, altered geopolitical relationships and raised serious and important environmental and climate questions.

On this episode of Columbia Energy Exchange our guest is Rusty Braziel, President and Principle Energy Markets Consultant for RBN Energy, LLC and author of The Domino Effect: How the Shale Revolution Is Transforming Energy Markets, Industries, and Economies. Almost two years into an oil price collapse that has hit the U.S. shale industry hard, Braziel and host Jason Bordoff discuss the current state of oil and gas markets in the U.S. as well as future expectations for domestic production, transportation, storage and demand and their influence on physical markets. Among the items they discuss:

  • The response of U.S. shale production to the global oil price collapse, including factors that have dramatically improved well productivity;
  • What the future holds for oil and gas prices and the factors that will drive price movements;
  • How global geopolitical events, such as a supply contraction in Venezuela or the Middle East, might impact the oil market;
  • The relative market influence of U.S. shale production compared to the Middle East;
  • The impact that electric vehicles might have on the oil market and demand growth in the long term;
  • And many more.

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