The report takes stock of India’s current EVs ecosystem and where the sector may be heading in the future, with a focus on drivers of and barriers to investment. The research for this study involved in-depth consultations with experts, policymakers, investors, and companies, as well as results from an online survey with EV experts and companies. The report presents the main takeaways of this research

Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast

We need more energy infrastructure. 

But energy permitting regulations — primarily established through the National Environmental Policy Act — are not matching the pace...

Electrification on the Path to Net Zero: A Comparison of Studies Examining Opportunities and Barriers in the United States

Rallying cries to “electrify everything” have captured the focus of many headlines and policy forums in recent years. However, there are important questions that remain unanswered about the electrify everything movement, including the technical, social, and political feasibility of the approach, as well as the affordability and equitability of implementation.