Dr. Fan Dai

Dr. Fan
Director of California-China Climate Institute


Dr. Fan Dai is the director of California-China Climate Institute, and adjunct faculty at Energy and Resource Group, University of California, Berkeley. She previously served as special advisor on China to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., where she chaired the state’s China Interagency Working Group and acted as the state’s liaison on its critical climate and environment initiatives with China. Dr. Dai received her BS in law from Beijing Forestry University, her master of law from Berkeley Law, University of California, and her doctoral degree on environmental policy and economics from State University of New York at Syracuse.

October 20, 2020

China’s dramatic economic growth this century has made it not only the second largest economy in the world, but also the biggest energy producer and consumer and the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. As reflected in the reactions to China’s...

Almost 70 countries and the EU have already pledged to make their economies ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas emitters by mid-century © AP

There must be short-term emissions cuts along with commitments to be carbon neutral by 2060

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