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Mobilizing Capital for the Energy Transition: Global Perspectives

Past Event

September 19, 2022

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Center on Global Energy Policy, in partnership with BeyondNetZero, hosted a public event focusing on pathways and opportunities to mobilize capital for a fair and fast energy transition. The event featured distinguished experts providing perspectives on the energy transition landscape from a capital markets and policy perspective across both developed and emerging markets.

During the course of the conversation, the following questions were explored:

  • How are investors managing to balance the long-term policy trajectory toward net zero with short-term volatility around the energy crisis and uneven legislative/regulatory action on climate among countries?
  • What have been the most successful examples of scaling clean energy technology and how can those be deployed in hard-to-abate sectors?
  • What are the unique challenges to scaling capital investment in clean energy to deliver breakthroughs in developing markets, particularly in developing and emerging economies and in the context of November’s COP27 discussions?

The event was organized into two sessions:

Session 1:

  • Jason Bordoff, Founding Director, Center on Global Energy Policy and Co-Dean, Columbia Climate School
  • Lord John Browne, Co-Founder and Chairman, BeyondNetZero
  • Tariye Gbadegesin, Managing Director and CEO, Arm Harith Infrastructure Fund
  • Moderated by Catherine McKenna, Chair, UN High Level Expert Group on Net Zero Commitments, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy, and former Canadian Environment and Climate Change Minister

Session 2:

  • Leonardo Beltrán, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy
  • Diana Fox Carney, Advisory Board Member, BeyondNetZero
  • Jake Levine, Chief Climate Officer, U.S. Development Finance Corporation
  • Anish Thakkar, Co-Founder, Sun King
  • Moderated by Jonathan Elkind, Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy