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Technology for a Clean Energy Transition

Past Event

May 12, 2022

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted Dr. Jessika Trancik, Professor at the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for a fireside chat with Dr. Geoffrey M. Heal, Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School discussing the state of clean energy technology today in relation to climate change mitigation goals. Dr. Trancik drew on insights from her research on evaluating technologies against societal goals and disentangling the mechanisms of innovation.

During the course of the conversation, the following questions were explored:

  • How far have we come in developing the technological tools needed to fully decarbonize energy systems and the economy?
  • What are the remaining gaps to be addressed by further technological innovation?
  • What have we learned about how to encourage, and possibly accelerate, processes of technological improvement and deployment?