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Careers in Climate Finance

Past Event

February 7, 2024

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm est

Mobilizing climate finance has been identified by the UN Conference of the Parties as a major global challenge. Overall, it is estimated that over $125 trillion will be needed for the world to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions goals and to fund critical climate adaptation strategies. Yet no single country or region is on track to meet its climate financing targets, with a giant gap remaining between what the world has been delivering each year towards climate financing and what is required through 2025. 

Climate finance is a rapidly growing field, as more and more investors, businesses, and governments act to support projects that fund climate mitigation and adaptation. Careers in this field span roles with a variety of players including governments, national and international development banks, multilateral climate funds, state enterprises, philanthropies, and the private sector. The landscape is complex and evolving with growing calls for innovation and reform. As part of the global climate finance landscape, compulsory carbon allowance markets and volunteer carbon offset markets are also rapidly growing. with a rising need for professionals from a wide variety of fields such as finance, environmental science, public policy, project management, and risk analysis. 

Knowledge of the field of climate finance will continue to be a vital tool for addressing the climate crisis in the coming years. Join us to learn more about the different paths available and how to prepare for an impactful career.


  • Amy Myers Jaffe, Research Professor and Director of the NYU SPS Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab

Speakers: (additional participant to be announced):

  • Bethany Brantley, Head of ESG, IPI Partners
  • Stephen Hammer, Founding Chief Executive Officer, The New York Climate Exchange
  • Shanu Mathew, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager/Analyst on US Sustainable Equity, Lazard Asset Management
  • Tracy B. McKibben, Founder and CEO, MAC Energy Advisors LLC

Offered in collaboration with Women in Energy at The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University and the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in NYC.


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