On the path between where we are and what we want to accomplish “saboteurs” can cloud our thinking. The Women in Energy program and certified career coach Claire Steichen hosted a 2-hour workshop where participants learned to master their limiting beliefs. Using powerful tools from positive psychology and neuroscience, participants learned to identify and manage their saboteurs, and engage their most productive thinking.

In this session, participants discovered:

  • What your triggers are and how to manage them, so you stay cool and collected with others
  • Understand how to stay strong through the ups and downs of risk-taking (you need those to grow your career)
  • The secret to avoiding a confidence dip when others aren’t behaving well

There was plenty of time for open Q&A, so participants were able to ask Claire about their specific work situation or challenges.

Confidence isn’t something magical you just “have” or don’t have. It has parts and understanding your inner critic is one of those parts.