The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a presentation by Eirik Wærness, Chief Economist at Statoil, on the company's recently released 2013 "Energy Perspectives" report describing the long-term macroeconomic and market outlook. The report sees global primary energy demand growing by 40% by 2040. Growth will mainly come from non-OECD countries, where energy demand will rise by more than 60% by 2040. Other findings include:

  • Increase in demand expected for all energy sources – but considerable improvement in global energy efficiency
  • Demand for oil expected to rise by ~15 million barrels per day by 2040 to ~100 million barrels per day
  • Increasing role for natural gas, contributing to reduced carbon emissions
  • Strong growth seen for new renewables – from 1% market share to 8% in 2040
  • CO2 emissions projected to increase until ~2030 – then decrease towards 2040

Download the presentation here (PDF) 

Download the full 2013 Energy Perspectives report here (PDF)