The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a panel discussion on the future of nuclear power. This event focused on important questions including: how can the lessons from the Fukushima disaster be used to contribute to convincingly safer construction and operation of nuclear reactors? Can new technology - –such as Integral Fast Reactors or Small Module Reactors –- help restore public confidence and improve the commercial viability of nuclear power? What pathways exist for global collaboration on high-level waste management technology? In the evolving energy and climate landscape, how should society think about nuclear power as a zero-carbon fuel versus its other social externalities (radioactive waste, risk of disaster, water-intensity, etc.)? These and other issues were discussed by our distinguished guests, who included:

  • Tom Blees, President, the Science Council for Global Initiatives
  • Dr. Yoon Chang, Senior Technical Advisor, Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Joyce Connery, Director, Nuclear Energy Policy, National Security Staff, the White House
  • Ray Hunter, former Deputy Director of the Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Nobuo Tanaka, Distinguished Fellow, CGEP; former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency

The Center on Global Energy Policy was proud to have the Center on Japanese Business and Economy at Columbia Business School as our outreach partner for this event