The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a lecture by Peter Fox-Penner, Principal and Chairman, The Brattle Group, and Ron Binz, Founder and Principal, Public Policy Consulting, and former Chairman, Colorado Public Utilities, on the key challenges that confront the U.S. power sector. They were joined in the discussion by CGEP Inaugural Fellow and former U.S. Under Secretary of Energy (Acting) David Sandalow.

The speakers reviewed the current status of the challenges identified in Mr. Fox-Penner's 2010 book, Smart Power: Climate Change, the Smart Grid, and the Future of Electric Utilities, including the decarbonization of the utility sector, the deployment of smart grid, the development of substantial renewable resources on the grid, and the financial state of the industry. They also discussed the recent rise of resiliency concerns, the impact of low natural gas prices, and the status of climate policy in the U.S., concluding with a comparative look at the U.S. experience and the evolution underway in other energy industries across the globe. This event was open to the press.