Turbulence in international affairs is nothing new, but the diversity of challenges and opportunities facing the international community today rivals some of the most consequential periods in history. The United States Intelligence Community is responsible not only for monitoring current events, but also assessing the future strategic environment, looking around the turns and bends in international relations to see what might be coming in the years ahead.

The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a panel of former career intelligence officials and scholars who offered their views, assessment, and outlook for geopolitics in the next 18 months. Focusing on topics as diverse as East Asia, Africa, Europe, cybersecurity and the Middle East, they made brief presentations followed by a conversation moderated by Mike Dempsey, CGEP Non-Resident Fellow and the former Acting Director for National Intelligence.


  • Helima Croft, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodity Strategy, Global Research, RBC Capital Markets
  • Judd Devermont, Director of the Africa Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Former National Intelligence Officer for Africa
  • Markus Garlauskas, Former National Intelligence Officer for North Korea, Scowcroft Center Senior Fellow
  • Alan Pino, Former National Intelligence Officer for the Near East at the National Intelligence Council (NIC)