Carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS) technologies and approaches are critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation, industrial, and power sectors, and a key ingredient to creating a more sustainable and equitable energy system. Implementing CCUS more broadly will require navigating technology, policy, and science issues at the state and national level and attention to a broad set of equity and environmental justice concerns.

“Carbon Capture & Energy: Everything’s Bigger in Texas” is the third set of panels being convened as part of the Women In Energy CCUS Roadshow. These conversations highlight leading experts in the field of CCUS with a special focus on local policy and deployment. The Center on Global Energy Policy’s Carbon Management Research Initiative and Women in Energy program hosted a webinar addressing the vital role of carbon capture in greenhouse gas emissions reductions and carbon dioxide removal.  

The conversation focused on the status of carbon capture policy and technology in Texas, including how carbon removal technology fits into strategies to address climate change and bring global greenhouse gas emission to the equivalent of zero. We also explored how it can contribute to a more just energy transition and how to assure safe and effective deployment of the technology. A panel of exceptional leaders then discussed a recent analysis by Susan Hovorka at the Bureau of Economic Geology and recent announcements by Occidental Petroleum on carbon storage resources, state and federal regulations, technological advances, and commercial opportunities in carbon dioxide use and removal, and efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the industrial sector. 

Dr. Julio Friedmann, Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia SIPA

  • Vicki Hollub, President and Chief Executive Officer, Occidental Petroleum Corporation


  • Ellen S. Friedman, Partner, Co-Head Energy & Infrastructure Projects Team, Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Susan Hovorka, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin
  • Deepika Nagabhushan, Program Director, Carbon Capture and Storage, Clean Air Task Force (CATF)