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Columbia Energy Exchange

Energy, Economy and Geopolitics in the Gulf Arab States (2/1/17)

Perhaps no region matters more to the oil and broader energy markets than the GCC group of countries. Understanding the drivers of the region’s reform movement, assessing its chances of success and the potential impact of both success and failure on the region’s stability and oil industry dynamics, has become a pressing if daunting challenge for oil market analysts and anyone with an interest in the energy industry and energy markets. The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a panel discussion with a distinguished set of experts including: Ed Morse, Citigroup; Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences; Dr. Steffen Hertog, London School of Economics; Dr. Bernard Haykel,  Princeton University; Dr. Joseph Westphal, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Jason Bordoff, Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director, Center on Global Energy Policy, SIPA (moderator).

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