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Columbia Energy Exchange

Dr. Tatiana Mitrova – The Outlook for Russia’s Energy Sector

From economic sanctions, to geopolitical concerns over cross-border infrastructure projects, to an evolving global market for natural gas, a set of shifting dynamics are having a substantial impact on Russia’s energy sector.

To discuss these issues and more, host Jason Bordoff recently sat down with Dr. Tatiana Mitrova, Director of the SKOLKOVO Energy Centre in Moscow and a Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, on the latest episode of the Columbia Energy Exchange. Tatiana has over twenty years of experience in dealing with Russian and global energy markets, including production, transportation, demand, policy, pricing and market restructuring.

During their conversation, Tatiana and Jason discussed Russia’s oil and gas sector, including Russia’s export policies and its relationship with other producer countries. Tatiana also discussed the economic and geopolitical consequences of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. Other topics in their conversation included Gazprom’s response to the changing global gas market, Russian gas market liberalization efforts, and the future of Russia’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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