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Columbia Energy Exchange

China’s Energy Future


Fu Chengyu

Former Chair of Sinopec

China is the world’s largest energy producer, energy consumer and greenhouse gas emitter. Many analysts believe that this year, China will surpass the US to become the world’s largest oil importer. China has the world’s largest shale gas resource and leads the world in the deployment of solar panels.

On this episode of Columbia Energy Exchange, host David Sandalow sits down with Fu Chengyu, who recently retired as Chair of Sinopec, a Chinese state-owned oil and gas company and the second largest company in the world according to Fortune Magazine. Among the topics they discussed:

  • What impact will China have on global oil markets in the months ahead?
  • Can China develop its enormous shale gas resource?
  • What steps is China taking to clean the air in its cities and address climate change?
  • And many more.

This conversation was originally recorded on July 1, 2016.

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