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Turbulent Times for Commodities

A rocky pandemic recovery, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and increasing social and consumer pressure to move away from Russian commodities have led to a spike in  oil, natural gas, and even coal prices.  

For a look at  how commodities should be regulated and how policymakers think about energy supplies in a fractious geopolitical environment, host Jason Bordoff spoke with Javier Blas from Bloomberg News. He’s a leading energy columnist and commodities expert with a renowned career at top media outlets like the BBC and the Financial Times. 

He’s also the author of a new book: “The World for Sale: Money, Power, and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources,” co-authored with senior Bloomberg News reporter Jack Farchy. 

The pair have been on the show previously to discuss the book in detail, which you can listen to here. They also participated in a recent event with Maria Jelscu Dreyfus, CEO and Founder of Ardinall Investment Management which you can watch here

In this discussion, Javier focuses on the implications of the current war for commodities markets and the global clean energy transition. 

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