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Q&A | The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Global Energy Market Crisis

In this piece, Anne-Sophie Corbeau, a global research scholar with the Center on Global Energy Policy, puts the current global gas crisis into perspective and answers questions about the current state of gas markets and the implications of a ban of all Russian energy products for gas markets.

Beyond the Ukraine Crisis: The Future of Russian Sanctions

The sanctions approach is intended to support and sustain diplomacy, making it harder for Russia to reject potential offramps or profit from its invasion. 


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David Turk

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is responsible for safeguarding U.S. nuclear infrastructure, maintaining energy security, fostering technology innovation, and guiding the country towards a green energy...

Kadri Simson

Despite some setbacks, Europe is considering a ban on Russian oil, a major step toward energy independence from Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s demand that buyers pay for its natural gas in rubles has put European...

Javier Blas

A rocky pandemic recovery, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and increasing social and consumer pressure to move away from Russian commodities have led to a spike in  oil, natural gas, and even coal prices.  ...