Q&A | Why Under-the-Radar Russian LNG Exports Matter

In this Q&A, Anne-Sophie Corbeau, global research scholar with the Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) and Diego Rivera Rivota, research associate with CGEP, answer questions about the importance of Russia’s LNG trade flows and recent developments impacting them.

Can North America Transform from a Conventional Automaking Hub to an EV Powerhouse?

This commentary begins with a look at the state of EV demand, including overall costs, and then turns to the diverse policy routes taken across North America to boost uptake in support of decarbonization targets.

Implications of the Russian War in Ukraine on Latin America’s Energy Sector
Global Energy Dialogue

A conversation among Senior Research Scholars Dr. Mauricio Cardenas and Dr. Luisa Palacios, and Distinguished Visiting Fellow Juan Carlos Jobet, about the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine on Latin America’s energy sector.