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Dr. Pierre Noël

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To help explain how the oil and gas sector is transforming, the Center on Global Energy Policy partnered with the World Economic Forum on the Oil and Gas Transformation Map, an interactive tool for users to explore and make sense of the complex and interlinked forces that will dictate the future of the industry. 

 Near-term to Net Zero Pricing Approach Avoids Pitfalls of the Social Cost of Carbon

Is China Still a Developing Country? And Why It Matters for Energy and Climate
State of the Planet blog

A new paper examines assesses the implications of China's development status. 

Amid record unemployment rates, new research examines the potential for a federal program to plug oil and gas wells where the owner is unknown or insolvent, creating energy sector jobs while reducing methane emissions to fight climate change.

Energy Policy Tracker
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Collectively, G20 governments represent about 80 percent of the world’s economic input, and together, have pledged to inject trillions of dollars into the global economy to counteract the health, social and financial shocks caused by the COVID-19 crisis. A new tool tracks country-by-county economic recovery, focusing on energy investments and climate.

Twenty journalists will participate in this year’s virtual program.

Friends of COP26

The "Friends" are more than 25 experts from multiple sectors which will be integral in boosting action on climate change across the globe.

Varun Sivaram

Physicist and former renewable energy executive Dr. Varun Sivaram will lead new initiative on global energy innovation

Former FERC Chairman and Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur Joins Center on Global Energy Policy as Distinguished Visiting Fellow

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