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The Future of Climate Diplomacy


Laurence Tubiana

European Climate Foundation

It’s been a month since world climate leaders convened in Glasgow, Scotland for international climate talks. 

The conference brought meaningful advances to halt deforestation, curb methane emissions, and deploy clean energy. It also kept the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 C alive. 

But closing the gap between ambition and reality will require herculean efforts from all countries, particularly western nations which are responsible for a majority of historical CO2 emissions. 

To talk through the challenges that lie ahead, Host Jason Bordoff spoke with Laurence Tubiana.

Tubiana is the CEO of the European Climate Foundation. A key architect of the Paris Climate Accords, she has championed international climate diplomacy in her roles as France’s Climate Change Ambassador and as a Special Representative at COP21 in Paris. 

In this interview, Tubiana offers an insider’s perspective on the outcomes at Glasgow, and what’s needed from governments and financial institutions over the coming years.


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