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National Hydrogen Strategies and Roadmap Tracker

Datasets by Anne-Sophie Corbeau & Rio Pramudita Kaswiyanto • October 26, 2023

CGEP is pleased to publish this National Hydrogen Strategies and Roadmap Tracker.

It gathers the official documents published by governments, including the updates of the strategies and roadmaps when relevant. It does not include strategies which have only been announced in the press, and for which no official document was published.

This document will be regularly updated as new strategies and roadmaps are published, and documents and links updated.

For any information or query, please contact Anne-Sophie Corbeau ([email protected])

North America

Country Year Original text English translation
Canada Dec-2020 Hydrogen Strategy for Canada  
United States Jun-2023 U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap  

Latin America


Country Year Original text English translation
Austria Jun 2022 Wasserstoffstrategie für Österreich Executive Summary
Belgium Oct-2022 Update of Belgian Federal Hydrogen Strategy 2022  
Bulgaria May-2023 водороднo бъдеще за България  
Croatia Mar-2022 Hrvatska Strategija Za Vodik Do 2050. Godine Hydrogen Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2050
Czech republic Jul-2021 Vodíková strategie The Czech Republic’s Hydrogen Strategy
Denmark Dec-2021 Regeringens strategi for Power-to-X The Government's strategy for Power to X
Finland Nov-2020 National Hydrogen Roadmap for Finland  
Feb-2023 Valtioneuvoston periaatepäätös vedystä 2023
France Jun-2018 Plan de déploiement de l’hydrogène pour la transition énergétique  
Sep-2020 Stratégie nationale pour le développement de l'hydrogène décarboné en France National strategy for the development of decarbonized and renewable hydrogen in France
Germany Jun-2020 Die Nationalen Wasserstoffstrategie The National Hydrogen Strategy
Apr-2022 Fortschrittsbericht zur Umsetzung der Nationalen Wasserstoffstrategie
Jul-2023 Fortschreibung der Nationalen Wasserstoffstrategie
Hungary May-2021 Hungary's National Hydrogen Strategy  
Ireland Jul-2023 National Hydrogen Strategy  
Italy Nov-2020 Strategia Nazionale Idrogeno Linee Guida Preliminari  
Luxemburg Sep-2021 Stratégie hydrogène du Luxembourg  
Netherlands Mar-2020 Kabinetsvisie waterstof (letter to Parliament)  
Apr-2020 Government Strategy on Hydrogen
Jul-2021 Werkplan Nationaal Waterstof Programma 2022-2025
Norway Jun-2020 Regjeringens hydrogenstrategi The Norwegian Government’s hydrogen strategy
Poland Dec 2021 Polska Strategia Wodorowa do roku 2030 Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 (summary in English)
Portugal Aug-2020 Estratégia Nacional de Hidrogénio (EN-H2) Portugal National Hydrogen Strategy (EN-H2)
Romania May-2023 Strategia Nationala pentru Hidrogen 2023-2030 National Hydrogen Strategy and Action Plan 2023-2030
Strategia Națională de Hidrogen și Planul de Acțiune pentru România National Hydrogen Strategy and Action Plan for Romania
Slovakia Jun-2021 Národná vodíková stratégia National Hydrogen Strategy: Ready for the Future
Spain Oct-2020 de Ruta del Hidrogeno: Una Apuesta por el Hidrogeno RenHojaovable  
Sweden Nov-2021 Förslag till Sveriges nationella strategi för vätgas, elektrobränslen och ammoniak  
Underlagsrapport – Förslag
Turkey Jan-2023 Türkiye Hidrojen Teknolojileri Stratejisi ve Yol Haritası Turkiye Hydrogen Technology Strategy and Roadmap
Ukraine Mar-2021 Draft Roadmap for production and use of hydrogen in Ukraine  
United Kingdom Aug-2021 UK Hydrogen Strategy 2021  
Dec-2022 Hydrogen Strategy Update to the Market: December 2022
Aug-2023 Hydrogen Strategy Update to the Market: August 2023


Middle East

Country Year Original text English translation
Oman Oct-2022 Green Hydrogen in Oman  
UAE Jul-2023 National Hydrogen Strategy 2050  
Israel Jun-2023 להערות ציבור אסטרטגיית מימן לישראל – פרסום טיוטה  



China's provinces

Country Year Original text English translation
Beijing Aug-2021 北京市氢能产业发展实施方案(2021-2025年)
Tianjin Jan-2020 天津市氢能产业发展行动方案(2020—2022年)
Shanghai Jun-2022 上海市氢能产业发展中长期规划(2022-2035 年)
Jilin Oct-2022 “氢动吉林”中长期发展规划(2021-2035年)
Liaoning Jul-2022 辽宁省氢能产业发展规划 (2021-2025 年)
Hebei Aug-2021 河北省氢能产业发展“十四五”规划
Shanxi Aug-2022 山西省氢能产业发展中长期规划
An’hui Nov-2022 安徽省氢能产业发展中长期规划
Fujian Dec-2021 福建省氢能产业发展行动计划(2022—2025年)
Jiangxi Sep-2023 江西省氢能产业发展中长期规划(2023-2035年)
Shandong Dec-2021 山东省氢能产业中长期发展规划(2020—2030年)
Henan Sep-2022 河南省氢能产业发展中长期规划(2022—2035年)
Hunan Nov-2022 湖南省氢能产业发展规划
Guangxi Aug-2023 广西氢能产业发展中长期规划(2023—2035年)
Sichuan Sep-2020 四川省氢能产业发展规划 (2021—2025 年)
Guizhou Jun-2022 贵州省“十四五”氢能产业发展规划
Gansu Dec-2022 甘肃省人民政府办公厅关于氢能产业发展的指导意见
Ningxia Nov-2022 宁夏回族自治区氢能产业发展规划
Qinghai Jan-2023 青海省氢能产业发展三年行动方案[2022–2025年]
Xinjiang May-2023 自治区氢能产业发展三年行动方案[2023–2025年]
Inner Mongolia Feb-2022 内蒙古自治区“十四五”氢能发展规划



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National Hydrogen Strategies and Roadmap Tracker

Datasets by Anne-Sophie Corbeau & Rio Pramudita Kaswiyanto • October 26, 2023