The Center on Global Energy Policy's Women in Energy program organized a tour of the Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery in Linden, NJ. 

The Bayway Refinery has approximately 800 employees and processes mainly light, low-sulfur crude oil (crude capacity: 258,000 barrels per day). Crude oil is supplied to the refinery by tanker from Canada and West Africa, and U.S.-advantaged crude is supplied through a combination of rail and marine transport.

The refinery produces a high percentage of transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstocks, residual fuel oil and home heating oil. The facility distributes refined products to East Coast customers by barge, truck, pipeline and railcar.

9:00am Departed Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy 
10:00am Arrived at the refinery in Linden, NJ
10:15am Overview/Presentation of Phillips 66 and the Bayway Refinery given by Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery representatives 
11:15am Refinery Tour – Driving tour to view and learn about various operating units, waterfront, control centers, etc.
12:30pm Lunch & Panel Q&A
1:30pm Departed Bayway Refinery 
2:30pm Arrived at Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy  

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