In the wake of President Trump’s announcement that he intends to have the United States leave the Paris climate accord, many American states, cities, and corporations declared: “We are still in.” Beyond the rhetoric, however, how strongly committed is America’s corporate sector to taking steps to reduce climate change? Can corporate actions on climate support, rather than detract from, growth in markets and profitability? How much impact are corporations feeling from the abrupt change in climate policies between the last US Administration and the current one? What kinds of climate policies are most favored by the corporate sector?

As part of our on-going speaker series “Where Next on Climate?” the Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a presentation and panel discussion on climate, energy, and development. Kevin Knobloch of Tufts University’s Climate Policy Lab presented results from a soon-to-be-completed research project entitled “The Relationship between Clean Energy/Climate Policy and Expanding Corporate Markets.” This project involved structured interviews with C-suite leaders in major corporations and private equity houses. After Knobloch’s presentation, we had a panel discussion with:

•    Kevin Knobloch, Tufts University
•    Geoffrey Heal, Columbia Business School
•    Nancy Meyer, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)
•    John MacWilliams, Center on Global Energy Policy

Download Kevin Knobloch's presentation here.