The Center on Global Energy Policy hosted a presentation and discussion of the IEA's Renewable Energy Market Report 2018 with Heymi Bahar, Renewable Energy Markets Analyst at the International Energy Agency and Project Manager of the Report.                       

Renewables 2018 looks at renewable energy across the entire energy system and it provides a detailed market analysis and overview of renewables in the electricity, heat and transport sectors as well as forecasts for the period between 2018 and 2023. The report also highlights policy and market improvements that can unlock further renewable energy growth in electricity and transport biofuels, as well as underlining the untapped potential of sustainable bioenergy and other renewable sources in greening the industry and transport sectors.

This is why this year Renewables 2018 takes an in-depth look at bioenergy, the largest source of renewable energy globally. Bioenergy makes a significant contribution across the energy system and particularly in the heat and transport sectors. However, the contribution of sustainable bioenergy is often not recognised and it represents a “blind spot” in the global debate about renewables. For the first time Renewables 2018 also includes a chapter dedicated to answering some of the key questions raised by the latest developments in renewable energy markets.

Download Heymi Bahar's presentation here.