North American power sector companies face a range of pressures around questions old and new: reliability, resilience, affordability, and access. Sometimes they face potentially contradictory expectations from the public, policy-makers, and regulators. How can industry-leading companies simultaneously deliver decarbonized power, value for shareholders, reliability, and inexpensive power for customers? Can further integration of the North American power markets assist in achieving more efficient operations and decarbonization goals?

The Center on Global Energy Policy was pleased to host a panel of leading experts to address these questions as part of our 7th Annual Columbia Global Energy Summit.


  • Cheryl LaFleur, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia SIPA, and Former Commissioner and Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)


  • Sophie Brochu, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hydro-Québec
  • Paula Gold-Williams, President and CEO, CPS Energy
  • Tania Ortiz Mena, Chief Executive Officer, IEnova