Concerns about the impacts of climate change and the pace and scale of our efforts to reduce emissions have prompted a resurgence of interest and attention on how we can remove carbon from the environment, store it and use it for practical purposes using CCUS (carbon capture, use, and storage) technology. Policy shifts at the state and federal level have created new markets for this clean energy technology, inspiring the launch of new projects in both the industrial and power sectors, extending into new enterprises (like direct air capture or CarbonTech). Despite this interest, few non-experts are familiar with the technology, the market potential, or the political viability of CCUS deployment in the United States or abroad. 

The Center’s Carbon Management Research Initiative held its first public event on March 26. Leading experts at the front lines of policy, technology, and governance discussed this critical path technology for a just and vibrant energy transition. This event was co-hosted by CGEP’s Women in Energy program. 

The panel of experts included:

  • Erin Burns - Associate Director, Policy - Carbon180 
  • Sarah Forbes - Scientist, Office of Fossil Energy - US Department of Energy
  • Sallie Greenberg - Associate Director, Energy & Minerals - Illinois State Geological Survey
  • Julio Friedmann - Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy (Moderator)

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