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Green Hydrogen in a Circular Carbon Economy: Opportunities and Limits

This report, part of the Carbon Management Research Initiative at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, examines green hydrogen production and applications to understand the core challenges to its expansion at scale and the near-term opportunity to enable deployment.

Getting to 30-60: How China’s Biggest Coal Power, Cement, and Steel Corporations Are Responding to National Decarbonization Pledges

This report, part of the China Energy and Climate Program at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, assesses how China’s high-emitting industries have responded to the 30-60 targets and the accompanying elevation of climate within national policy priorities.

National Oil Companies and the Energy Transition: Ecopetrol's Acquisition of an Electric Transmission Company

This commentary explores recent moves by Colombian national oil company Ecopetrol to adapt to the energy transition, especially its bid to acquire a majority stake in Interconexión Eléctrica SA (ISA), an electricity transmission company, for 14.2 trillion Colombian pesos (equal to about $3.6 billion).


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Sophie Brochu
President and CEO of Hydro‑Québec

Hydropower is one of our oldest sources of renewable energy. In 2018, hydropower made up nearly 60% of Canada’s electricity generation. In provinces like Quebec and Manitoba, hydropower makes up well over 90% of the provincial electricity supply...

Mary Powell
CEO of Sunrun

Host Bill Loveless digs into the hows of deploying solar widely and effectively with Mary Powell.

Dr. Kate Marvel
Climate Scientist

Host Bill Loveless interviews Climate Scientist Dr. Kate Marvel for her interpretation of the UN Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change climate science report's conclusions.