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The oil and gas industry can end all routine gas flaring by 2025

Erin Blanton and Ben Ratner write about the five key climate metrics for the oil and gas sector's next five years in the World Economic Forum blog.

China Sinopec

Dr. Erica Downs and Sheng Yan explore the implications of the establishment of the China Oil & Gas Piping Network Corporation (PipeChina) on global gas markets.

Antoine Halff and Andrew Gould

In a new op-ed for the Houston Chronicle, Antoine Halff and Andrew Gould argue that the United States needs better methane regulations to compete against other oil and gas producers.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Spencer Dale
Group Chief Economist, BP

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Spencer Dale, BP’s group chief economist, to discuss the outlook for the energy sector, the impact of the pandemic on it, BP’s corporate strategy shift, and more.

Musabbeh Al Kaabi
CEO of the Petroleum & Petrochemicals platform, Mubadala

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Chief Executive Officer of the Petroleum & Petrochemicals platform at Mubadala, a sovereign investment firm in Abu Dhabi.

Charif Souki
Executive Chairman of the Board, Tellurian

Host Bill Loveless is joined by Charif Souki to get his take on the circumstances leading to the decline in LNG trade this year and the outlook for a recovery.