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On Friday June 24, adjunct senior research scholar Dr. Robert Kleinberg testified before the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis on Cutting Methane Pollution: Safeguarding Health, Creating Jobs, and Protecting Our Climate.

In this Q&A, senior research scholar Kaushik Deb and adjunct research scholar Abhiram Rajendran break down the implications of the OPEC+ announcement to increase oil production. 

How Europe's proposed oil ban impacts refined product markets, specifically diesel, and why Latin America in particular is positioned to lose out. 


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Bob McNally and Dr. Karen Young

Even as prices decline, the tight oil market is once again raising economic and political worries in Washington. 

In July, President Biden traveled to the Middle East...

Dr. Mauricio Cárdenas

In June, Colombia elected a new president: Gustavo Petro. 

Petro is pushing major reforms in this oil-exporting country. He promised to cut Colombia’s reliance on...

Dr. Ibrahim AlMuhanna

President Biden is heading to Saudi Arabia next month amidst a global energy crisis. The trip is nothing new. For decades when faced with an oil crisis, presidents from both political parties have turned to Saudi...