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Why Shaking Up Big Oil Could Be a Pyrrhic Victory

In his latest essay in Foreign Policy, Jason Bordoff reflects on last week’s landmark setbacks in the courtroom, boardroom, and shareholder meetings for some of the world’s largest oil firms.

Energy's Digital Future

Amy Myers Jaffe provides an expert look at the promises and challenges of the future of energy, highlighting what the United States needs to do to maintain its global influence in a post-oil era.

The oil and gas industry can end all routine gas flaring by 2025

Erin Blanton and Ben Ratner write about the five key climate metrics for the oil and gas sector's next five years in the World Economic Forum blog.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Bernard Looney
CEO, bp

Host Jason Bordoff is joined by Bernard Looney, CEO of bp, to discuss bp’s planned transformation from an oil and gas company to an integrated energy company, a little more than one year into the strategy.

Vicki Hollub
CEO, Occidental Petroleum

It’s been quite a tumultuous year for the oil and gas industry, from a historic pandemic that sent oil prices crashing to growing pressure and urgency for companies to align their strategies with the world’s...

Jay Hakes
Author, “Energy Crises: Nixon, Ford and Carter, and Hard Choices in the 1970s”

Host Bill Loveless speaks with Jay Hakes, the author of the new book “Energy Crises: Nixon, Ford and Carter, and Hard Choices in the 1970s.”