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How Europe's proposed oil ban impacts refined product markets, specifically diesel, and why Latin America in particular is positioned to lose out. 

Q&A | Exit or stay? The decisions of international oil companies involved in Russia after its invasion of Ukraine

In this piece, Dr. Shangyou Nie, a Non-Resident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy, takes stock of what these companies have announced as the crisis surrounding the war in Ukraine evolves.

Considering a Federal Program to Permanently Plug and Abandon Offshore Oil and Gas Wells
Mark Agerton, Siddhartha Narra, Brian Snyder and Gregory B. Upton Jr.

Failure to properly plug and abandon (P&A) oil and gas wells in the United States at the end of their useful life can impose environmental costs and saddle taxpayers with cleanup liabilities.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Luisa Palacios

Host Bill Loveless and Dr. Luisa Palacios discuss the potnetial ripple effects of easing sanctions on Venezuela as oil prices spike around the globe. 

Laszlo Varro
Global Business Environment at Shell

Accelerating a global clean energy transition has never been more vital to curbing the worst impacts of climate change, but greenhouse gas emissions and the use of hydrocarbons continues to rise. 


Dr. Luisa Palacios
Senior Research Scholar, CGEP

In this episode, host Jason Bordoff speaks with a leading expert on oil markets and the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) agenda in Latin America -- Dr. Luisa Palacios.