Energy and Development in a Changing World: A Framework for the 21st Century

Among the most complex and influential energy transformations of the 21st century are those underway in developing countries. The past 15 years have seen the weight of these countries in the global energy landscape grow dramatically as their energy consumption has nearly doubled. Developing countries are now facing a major challenge with global implications: how to best secure and consume the majority of the world’s energy resources in a manner that both promotes their continued economic growth and is sustainable, including from a climate change perspective. At the same time, too many poorer households still remain without access to electricity or clean cooking, a major ongoing development challenge. Led by Adjunct Senior Research Scholar Philippe Benoit, the Energy for Development program proposes a new framework to analyze the dynamics surrounding the use of energy for development, one that reflects the ever-increasing economic weight and growing energy demand of developing countries as they fight poverty and move toward prosperity.

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India’s Energy Sector Developments and Priorities: Roundtable Report
Kaushik Deb, Pranati Chestha Kohli, Dakshesh Pranav Thacker and Amit Khatri

This workshop summary represents the research and views of the author. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Center on Global Energy Policy. The piece may be subject to further revision. Contributions...

Localizing Green Transitions in Urban India
Kaushik Deb, Mahak Agrawal, Saurabh Modi and Sam Downes

On July 21, Artha Global and the Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) at Columbia University held a private roundtable to discuss the challenges Indian cities face in tackling climate change.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from State-Owned Enterprises: A Preliminary Inventory

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) play a major role in the production of goods and services across many of the world’s largest economies, particularly in electricity generation, oil and gas, and heavy industry. This report provides an accounting of direct emissions associated with SOEs globally.


Columbia Energy Exchange

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Dr. Destenie Nock
Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

The spotlight is on Africa at COP27, the UN climate change conference taking place in Egypt.

This year, climate-induced disasters have ravaged the continent. Cyclones...

Mafalda Duarte
CEO of Climate Investment Funds

Developing countries face the dual challenge of meeting rapidly growing energy demand while also scaling clean energy to avoid dramatic increases in carbon emissions. But financing all of those clean energy...

Manuela V. Ferro
Regional Vice President for East Asia and Pacific at the World Bank

Covid and the Russian war in Ukraine have slowed economic development in East Asia and the Pacific. High global commodity prices are stressing countries heavily dependent on energy and food imports. ...