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México y el fin de gas natural barato de EU


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January 19, 2023 Commentary Natural Gas

Future Options for Russian Gas Exports

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seriously damaged the country’s reputation as a reliable gas supplier.

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Natural Gas

The global gas market is undergoing a period of profound transformation as a result of new sources of supply, demand, changing trade patterns, and technological and policy shifts. The transition to a low-carbon economy and efforts to curb air pollution are also key policy aims that will impact the role of gas in the future energy mix.

January 15, 2023 Reports Energy Markets

Methane Emissions from the Fossil Fuel Industries of the Russian Federation

Methane emissions are second only to carbon dioxide emissions as a driver of human-induced climate change.

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Energy Markets

Well-functioning energy markets are critical to the distribution of energy resources. Understanding how they work, how they can be improved, and how they are being impacted by the changes afoot in the energy sector is key to meeting energy and environmental goals.

January 12, 2023 Commentary Fossil Energy

Russia’s Methane Emissions and the War in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and the ensuing war have also spurred grave environmental and climate-related concerns.

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Fossil Energy

Global fossil fuel use has grown alongside GDP since the start of the Industrial Revolution and currently makes up roughly 80% of global energy demand. But to meet our goals to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 C degrees, demand will need to drop sharply by 2050.

December 05, 2022 Reports Oil

Forecasts of Electric Vehicle Penetration and its Impact on Global Oil Demand

The transportation sector is responsible for more than half of global oil demand, with passenger vehicles and trucks making up by far the largest fraction.

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Oil is the world’s most actively traded commodity, but forecasts vary as to whether it will start to wane in the decades to come. Understanding the changes that are sweeping through the oil industry and market today are key to understanding the outlook for economic growth, climate change, and geopolitical conflict.

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Op-eds & Essays Fossil Energy

México y el fin de gas natural barato de EU