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Brian Ó Gallachóir

Visiting Faculty (University College Cork)


Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir is elected Chair of the Executive Committee of the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP), one of the longest running Technology Collaboration Programmes of the International Energy Agency (IEA). ETSAP represents more than 45 years of international cooperation on technology-rich energy systems optimization modeling. ETSAP comprises about 200 modeling teams in over 70 countries assisting policy makers by undertaking scenario analysis and modeling future energy system pathways.

Brian is also Professor of Energy Engineering at University College Cork, which is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world, and in the top ten globally on sustainability. Brian is Director of the MaREI research center, Ireland’s center of excellence in energy, climate and marine research, with over 220 researchers and 80 industry partners. He is also an elected Fellow of the Irish Academy of Engineering.

Brian is an acknowledged international expert in energy systems modeling with over 30 years experience, and a highly cited academic. He has also achieved significant impact, translating research results into policy insights that have underpinned Irish and EU energy and climate mitigation policies. He has also co-produced strategies with energy companies to maximize the opportunities arising from the energy transition.

His work spans climate mitigation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy security, energy and climate policy, and engaged research on community based climate action. Brian has also increased the transdisciplinary nature of MaREI’s research and this is particularly evident in the rural energy transition multi-stakeholder Dingle Peninsula 2030 partnership project.

In joining as a Visiting Professor, Brian looks forward to engaging with research leaders in CGEP on improving how we use research and analysis to better inform energy and climate policy, and comparing how to deliver the energy transition and improved energy security through the different lenses of European and US perspectives


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