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Anders Hove


Anders Hove is a former energy research analyst and Non-Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, located in Beijing. He serves as Project Director at GIZ China, where he helps coordinate German energy transition expertise for the Energy Research Institute of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC ERI) and GIZ research and advisory activities related to green infrastructure finance. Mr. Hove has almost 20 years of public and private sector experience related to energy policy and markets, including nine years on Wall Street and nine years in China. He began his career as an energy policy analyst with the Rand Corporation in Washington, DC, then performed equity research in the electric utilities and oil services sectors with Deutsche Bank AG and Jefferies and Co. In 2007, at the initial stages of the solar boom, Mr. Hove worked for a hedge fund making private equity investments in clean energy technologies and projects, particularly solar. In 2010, he relocated to Beijing, where he became director of research analytics at the China Greentech Initiative. In 2012, Mr. Hove moved to Azure International where he managed the Cleantech Advisory team, working on advisory projects focused on energy storage, solar, wind and smart grid technologies. From 2014 to 2017 he was Associate Director for China Research at the Paulson Institute, where he guided the Institute’s research related to China air quality and climate change, and developed insights related to policy, market and technology solutions. Mr. Hove has a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Political Science from MIT, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He is the author of numerous reports and studies related to the energy sector in China.

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